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ComputerOne is a full service website development and hosting company based in Augusta, GA, serving the 13 counties known as the Central Savannah River Area in east central Georgia and west central South Carolina. 

The company was founded in 1986 as Comtel Trading Co., Inc., to import computer components from Taiwan. Because of a mix-up in customs and a delayed delivery, the owners found themselves stuck with a shipping container of computer parts. To dispose of those parts, they opened a small shop behind the Martinez Fire Department and started selling computers. The business has operated continuously since then, serving thousands of customers in the CSRA and beyond.

Lisa Hall Owns Computer One
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Comtel expanded its business in 1988 by launching Augusta Computer Warehouse, a national mail order company with a powerful retail presence in Augusta. Jimmy Bennett purchased Computer Rentals & Sales in 1994 and changed the name to CompuQuest in early 1995. The company was renamed ComputerOne in 1996, purchased ACW in 1997, acquired the assets of Intercomp Augusta in July 1998 and added the business and internet customers of Sylvan Computers in December 2003. In the summer of 2015, Lisa Hall purchased the company.  She is continuing on with the proud tradition of computer and website services at a fair price.

The company has changed with the times, so we have become a website development and small business IT company. We still will help our regular clients with computer repair issues by appointment. The legacy of all six companies lives on as ComputerOne Augusta.

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