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At ComputerOne Augusta, we understand the importance of matching the design of your website to your brand.


Your site does double duty as the face of your product or service and a client’s first glimpse at the unique use of your brand. From a website’s landing page to contact details, every area is a potential launchpad that can propel users into your story—or stop them dead in their tracks.

How to ensure you never miss a chance to convert? Taking the results from UX testing, we’ll fine tune designs that clearly delivers your message, while assuring that each click further establishes the ability of your offering to meet the goals of your customers.

We design and develop high-end websites that shine a spotlight on your products or services.

Logos are a graphic extension of the internal realities of a company.

Your Logo Design is the absolute foundation of your company's Brand!

We focus on: 

  1. Incredible Readability for long distance impact.

  2. Unique Brand Styling to stand out.

  3. Versatile Design so it works in as many uses as possible.

  4. Timelessness so you look fresh and current, and don't fade out of mind. 

We work with you, to make sure your Logo (new or re-branded) works everywhere you need it. Harness the power of clean, unique, versatile, and timeless custom Branding!   

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